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17 Of The Greatest Supermarket Substitution Fails Of 2015

When you ask for baby wipes and they send you whisky.

1. When Asda totally fucked with a cat.

Via Twitter: @liliumx3

Cats? Dogs? Who can really tell the difference?

2. And then sent dog treats to Trevor the cat.

Via Twitter: @amandahardaker

Poor Trev.

3. When booze was suggested for babies.


"I've poured whisky on my baby loads of time, it works really well trust me."

4. When someone had to make the absolute worst tacos ever.

@robrouse surely this has to be the ultimate Tesco home delivery substitution! Fancy mine for tacos??

"Yeh they're both American food right? They'll never notice."

5. When Tesco suggested this helpful substitution.

Tesco / Via Twitter: @NicsyCat

"A soft white roll a day keeps the doctor away."

6. When Asda dared to try and substitute a Ryan Gosling DVD.

Via Twitter: @amandahardaker

Vin Diesel FFS.

7. When Tesco tried to completely ruin dinner.

Tesco / Via Twitter: @Myallergyboy

Burger with a side of Toblerone cake? Yes makes total sense.

8. And then genuinely ruined a man's dessert.

Via Twitter: @Myallergyboy

"These three empty pastry cases will make an exciting dessert that all the family will enjoy."

9. When someone wanted to clean things and Tesco just wanted everything to be destroyed.

Tesco / Via Twitter: @SocialismEvil

It's a lot more fun to smash your bathroom mirror than clean it.

10. When Asda fucked with herbs.

Via Twitter: @cheekycdkey


11. And this delivery substitution accidentally created an absolutely horrendous cocktail.

Via Twitter: @philippick

It's like a mojito, but it burns more.

12. When Asda sent this man five cans of evaporated milk and a pregnancy test for no real reason.

While I appreciate the free goodies in my shopping delivery, @asda, next time don't bother...

Gotta stock up for that milk and procreation party.

13. When Tesco suggested the worst lasagna recipe ever.

Tesco / Via Twitter: @Sploren85

So crunchy :(

14. And the absolute worst treat for a hot summer's day.

Tesco / Via Twitter: @MyItchyBoy

"Wow what a hot day, wish I had a frozen gluten free sausage to help me cool down."

15. When someone had to make do with just sauce for dinner.

Not sure how @tesco thinks this is a good substitute...

Close enough, close enough.

16. When Asda thought these substitutions made total sense.

Via Twitter: @CJ_in_London

Just brush your teeth with deodorant it will be fine.

17. And when Asda actually got the delivery right, but decided to charge a ludicrous amount.

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