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22 Back-To-School Memes All Teachers Will Relate To

Mission impossible: Keep the same pen for the entire year.

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1. When you have to go in early before the kids get back.

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2. And your non-teacher friends complain about how little work you do.

You don't understand.
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You don't understand.

3. When school is starting pretty soon.

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4. When you try to make the impossible happen.

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5. When you have loads of pointless meetings before school starts.

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6. And your classroom isn't quite as good as you'd like.

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7. When you've got soooo many lesson plans to write.

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8. When you're trying to sort out the seating plan for a difficult class.

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9. When you dream about school every night.

10. When you get the Sunday night fear.

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11. When the first day comes around and parents drop their kids off.

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12. When you look at the register for your new class.

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13. When a student is giving you hassle and it's not even 9am.

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14. When your first class of the week is dragging.

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15. When you start the year as you mean to go on.

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16. Because this is literally what your face will look like for the first week.

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17. When it hasn't even been a week and you get the worst news ever.

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18. When you're pretty much drained by the end of your first day.

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19. But at least you've got coffee to help you through the day.

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20. When you finally make it to the end of the week.

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21. But you definitely won't have enough time at the weekend to catch up on everything.

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22. Because you pretty much need a whole summer again to get over the first week.

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