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18 Reasons British Teens Were Jealous Of High School In America

Why can't we drive to school, dammit?

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1. Having your own giant lockers.

Clemens v. Vogelsang / Via Flickr: vauvau

Lockers so big you could make a shrine to your crush in them! Some schools in the UK had lockers but most of the time you were left to cart your textbooks around in a shoddy JD Sports carrier bag.

3. Actually decent-looking school gyms.

Crossman33 / Via

American schools appear to have vast sports facilities that could be mistaken for the kind of places professional athletes would train – at least that's what we learned from High School Musical anyway. We made do with a crappy muddy field.


5. Pre sports game pep rallies.

American kids get to have TIME OUT FROM SCHOOL to cheer on their sports team. British kids barely even get a half day for sports day.

6. Hanging out at malls after school.

Bobak Ha'Eri / Via

Every US high school movie seems to show high schoolers hanging out at some giant air-conditioned suburban mall. We were left with hanging around outside a Greggs in the high street and shoplifting pick 'n' mix from Woolworths. And yes, we were supremely jealous of The Cheesecake Factory, even if it isn't that great in reality.

7. Some sort of termly “Big Game” that the school's continued success depends on.

Djarizpe13 / Via

Unless you went to Eton or something, in the UK most people don't give a shit about high school level sports. British school sports games were mostly just watched by PE teachers and overly keen parents.


10. Driving to school.

In Britain you're stuck getting some crappy old bus or a lift from your parents if you were lucky.

11. Not having to wear a uniform to school

Moodboard / Getty Images

British school kids spend at least 11 years of their lives wearing shirts and uncomfortable blazers (or worse, those awful polyester jumpers that you made thumb holes in). You could never truly show your emo credentials when oppressed by that uniform.


12. The ridiculous coolness of being able to wear varsity/letterman jackets

The best you could hope for in the UK was a sports captain badge on your tie. Or a fake letterman from Topshop.

13. Drinking out of red cups at parties.

American high school movies make drinking out of red cups look so cool. So large. So much room for mixers. Those tiny white plastic cups you get in the UK are just trash in comparison.

14. Going to parties with kegs.

Yes, underage keg parties are definitely illegal and probably something only seen in movies, but still has anyone ever even seen a keg at a party in Britain? Exactly.

No, we just drank WKD and White Lightning.

17. Having really long summer holidays.

British kids got six weeks off school, which was nowhere near enough time to forget everything you learned all year. And there were no cool summer camps to go to.

18. Having a high school graduation ceremony.

You know what happens when you leave secondary school in the UK? You get some rubbish assembly about why you should do A-levels and then everyone goes to the local park to drink Strongbow.