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    19 Jobs George Osborne Definitely Knows How To Do

    He's the most versatile man in Britain!!

    1. Engineer.

    Soeren Stache / AFP / Getty Images

    This is a really basic job that you can probably pick up in about five minutes.

    2. Pub landlord.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    He definitely pulled that pint and there probably aren't any real bar staff slightly out of shot.

    3. Social media manager.

    Tobias Schwarz / AFP / Getty Images

    George, reading your tweets.

    4. Glass blower.

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    Every cabinet minister is tested on their glass-blowing ability before being appointed.

    5. Car mechanic.

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    He's always getting his hands dirty at the garage, just like you, a normal person!

    6. Bentley production line worker.

    Darren Staples / WPA Pool / Getty Images

    All chancellors of the exchequer have an innate knowledge of expensive cars and could easily build one from scratch.

    7. Beer brewer.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    David Cameron looks on lovingly like a bored but proud parent.

    8. Train driver.

    Matthew Horwood / Getty Images
    Matthew Horwood / Getty Images


    9. Ocado worker.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    "It's like playing shops!"

    10. Crossrail engineer.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    The face of a man who knows exactly what he's doing.

    11. Drinks factory worker.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    Every former Bullingdon man should know where his drinks came from.

    12. Lab technician.

    Dave Thompson / Pool / AFP / Getty Images

    Don't worry about malaria, everyone. George has got your back.

    13. Bricklayer.

    Carl Court / Getty Images

    "Haha, isn't this fun? I would do this for fun!"

    14. Astrophysicist.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    "It's OK, everyone with an Oxford degree knows astrophysics."

    15. Doctor.

    Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    "Oh don't worry, I've seen House."

    16. Aerospace engineer.

    Andrew Yates / Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    Looks pretty easy to me!

    17. Forklift operator.

    James Glossop/ Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    You definitely don't need any training or skills to operate one of these dangerous vehicles.

    18. Oil rig worker.

    Andrew Milligan / Wpa Pool / Getty Images

    "It's OK, I took an oil rig module in my history degree."

    19. And Pizza Express chef.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    What fun!

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