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    24 Fails Just Waiting To Happen

    *brushes teeth with hair removal cream*

    1. This mixup.

    2. This inevitable slip-up.

    3. This potential disASSter.

    4. This potentially upsetting purchase.

    5. This fail that's just waiting to happen.

    6. This exceptionally evil piece of architecture.

    7. This incredibly evil mural.

    8. This computer stand.

    9. This potentially agonising mistake.

    10. This horrible drink waiting to happen.

    11. This bathroom layout.

    12. This beard oil/liquid bandage mixup.

    13. These "whiteboard" pens.

    14. The possible mouth numbing incident.

    15. And this burning one.

    16. This terrible meal.

    17. This person who's about to put egg whites in their coffee.

    18. This potential dinner fail.

    19. And this horrible Sunday roast gravy.

    20. This shop layout that plays with fire.

    21. This signpost.

    22. This trip hazard staircase.

    23. This minty shower in the making.

    24. And this potential drunken disaster.