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24 Fails Just Waiting To Happen

*brushes teeth with hair removal cream*

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1. This mixup.

2. This inevitable slip-up.

@theboy1der / Via Twitter: @theboy1der

3. This potential disASSter.

MadMexican / Via

4. This potentially upsetting purchase.

conehead88 / Via

5. This fail that's just waiting to happen.

Valosony / Via

6. This exceptionally evil piece of architecture.


7. This incredibly evil mural.


8. This computer stand.

Swearingen43 / Via

9. This potentially agonising mistake.

Andromeda1554 / Via

10. This horrible drink waiting to happen.

HoserUSC / Via

11. This bathroom layout.

@drinksmcgee / Via Twitter: @drinksmcgee

12. This beard oil/liquid bandage mixup.

13. These "whiteboard" pens.

14. The possible mouth numbing incident.

@RegMorse / Via Twitter: @RegMorse

15. And this burning one.

@marcjbrine / Via Twitter: @marcjbrine

16. This terrible meal.

@LeonieHilliard / Via Twitter: @LeonieHilliard

17. This person who's about to put egg whites in their coffee.

@swinginberrys / Via Twitter: @swinginberrys

18. This potential dinner fail.

@ScaleltRon / Via Twitter: @ScaleItRon

19. And this horrible Sunday roast gravy.

@kj_charles / Via Twitter: @kj_charles

20. This shop layout that plays with fire.

Entropi / Via

21. This signpost.

@nibokov / Via Twitter: @nibokov

22. This trip hazard staircase.

@DeborahBActive / Via Twitter: @DeborahBActive

23. This minty shower in the making.

@L_Hammerstein / Via Twitter: @L_Hammerstein

24. And this potential drunken disaster.

@suzyashall / Via Twitter: @suzyashall