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    18 Absolutely Ridiculous Recipes From The 1970s

    It was a very dark time.

    1. Ham-fruit ring.

    2. This fishy horror story.

    3. This delicious starter.

    4. This salad.

    5. This ovum crown.

    6. Creamy dried beef mold.

    7. This fiesta.

    8. Creamed beef.

    9. Fish fingers and pineapple.

    10. Carrot ring with peas.

    11. This salad.

    12. Tomato aspic.

    13. This.

    14. Holiday splits.

    15. This horror show.

    16. This bean casserole.

    17. Eggs in a cage.

    18. And this beautiful but terrifying fishy mousse.

    H/T the amazing 70s Dinner Party! You can get the book for £9.99 here and here.