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26 Things That Are Definitely Completely Legit

So legit.

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1. This phone call that is absolutely not a scam:

2. This dog:

3. This friendly dolphin:

4. This sports brand:


5. This child:

6. This well-known supermarket:

8. This sour cream:


9. These popular children's board games:

10. This reputable software company:

11. These headphones that are definitely endorsed by Dre:

12. This doorbell:


13. This quote that is certainly from the president:

14. This poison-free snack:

15. This holy book:

16. This free candy machine:


17. This iPhone:

18. This designer handbag:

19. This laptop:

20. This incredibly good deal:


21. This completely aboveboard childcare van:

22. This desktop folder:

23. This backpack:

24. This blue plaque:

25. This friendly kitty:

26. This unsuspicious package: