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    26 Of The Worst School Trips People Went On

    If you never went on a field trip to a graveyard then count yourself lucky.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst school trip they ever went on – here are some of the best responses:

    2. In primary school we went to the local cheese shop and sat on the pavement opposite to draw it, then went back. It was terrible.

    Submitted by marthaw465170491.

    3. We went on a field trip to a dairy farm. We got to help milk the cows and help feed the calves. It was heaps of fun hanging out with the cows. The next stop on the trip was an abattoir… Where we watched the cows unloaded, killed and then went to the room where they cut out the bones. A couple of people cried, some vomited and more than one passed out. After that we went to lunch where we were served beef pies. It was not a well planned day.

    Submitted by claireh45f32c2f6.

    4. At school we raised salmon and one day we went on a "nature walk" to go and see the salmon in a river at a local park. We got there to discover that all the fish were dead and it stank horribly.

    Submitted by rebekahs4d0a3b683.

    6. My fourth grade class took a trip to a plantation house to learn more about Georgia's history. It was really nice and authentic and they even had people dress from that time period.

    They had a lot of activities for us to do but there was this one activity where they split the class up to do different things. It seemed that the parents had a problem with this activity.

    They made all the ethnic kids go out in the field and pick cotton while all the non-ethnic kids got to play dress up in the house. Looking back I can see where they might have a problem with this activity…

    Submitted by miab4a1c3c632.

    7. In second grade our field trip was to the back of the school. We sat on the asphalt, listening to someone explain to us what the different numbers on plastic containers meant.

    Submitted by kyokousagi.

    8. When I was six my class went to a local vet's office. We got to see the exam rooms and play with some puppies. They then took us to an operating room and brought in a cat. We watched them anesthetize the cat, shave it's stomach, and slice it's belly open to prepare to spay it. I don't know what happened next because I passed out. So did two of my classmates. We were taken to an exam room and had to sit there by ourselves while the remaining members of our class presumably watched the vet remove a cat's uterus.

    Submitted by erinw4678de24f.

    9. We went to an indoor trampoline park but didn't get to bounce on anything, just got to listen to the owner talk about what it's like to own a business. It was torture for a group of seventh graders.

    Submitted by emileem3.

    11. I remember going to a fish auction. We didn't get to see an actual auction, just the seats where the bidders would sit and the place where they would store the fish. It was a class of seven-year-olds.

    Submitted by Lisa OftheCreek, Facebook.

    12. In ninth grade we took a field trip two streets over to look at the dead deer my science teacher found on the side of the road that morning. I'm squeamish and nearly passed out at the sight. The head was completely rotated, blood everywhere, brains on the road, and eye was missing and parts of it had been torn off from other animals eating it. She loaded it on to her truck that evening and took it home. Her daughter said it's in the freezer for future lessons, but I really hope she was just kidding.

    Submitted by Sophie Reynolds, Facebook.

    13. I went on a school trip where we had to clean an entire acre of land.

    Submitted by ruthannmunoz.

    14. When I was in second grade our teacher took us on a field trip to her apartment and fed us questionable apples. She also showed us her sweater collection in her closet.

    Submitted by theemij.

    15. In sixth grade, my school took the gifted and talented students on a field trip to the local landfill. They literally took us to the dump so we could see piles of trash.

    Submitted by gabrielr42b61f966.

    17. We WALKED to the shop down the street to "examine healthy snacks for children".

    Submitted by alyssab483626775.

    18. During second and third grade our teacher took all of us to visit the dentist she goes to. We went there TWICE. All we did was walk around the dentist's office and watch some tooth care video that no one really cared about.

    Submitted by darianb476bb8f57.

    19. We went to a potato factory. It was as dull as it sounds. We went into a field and picked potatoes and then watched them get washed and packaged.

    Submitted by jessica-jayes.

    20. Lived in Vietnam as a child and was taken to the fish sauce factory in first grade. There were big, clay vats filled with raw, decaying fish for miles. The pots just lay there, uncovered, baking in the Vietnamese heat and sun. There really is nothing out there qualified enough to get the smell of rotten fermenting fish out of your clothes.

    Submitted by Bella Loose, Facebook.

    21. When I was in fourth grade, my class took a field trip to a bread store, where we watched a guy put some dough in an oven. Then we sat there and ate ONE piece of whole wheat bread for an hour until the guy pulled his dough creation out. We walked for close to an hour for that.

    Submitted by cjayhawker.

    23. In elementary school my after school program took us on a field trip to a pet cemetery.

    Submitted by ashw4a4887110.

    24. When I was in first grade, we had an in-school field trip where a woman brought in a bunch of pig organs for us to see. She wasn't a veterinarian or any sort of medical expert, she was a woman who bought leftover pig organs from butcher shops and brought them to schools to terrify little children. I distinctly remember her picking up a heart and squeezing it to make it beat. I also remember being brought up by my teacher to squeeze the eyeballs in a ziploc bag and stick my hand in the liver. We were in a small, not-very-well-ventilated gym, and the smell of pig guts was everywhere. Two kids from my class fainted and three threw up and the rest of us just stood in mute horror watching this woman stick her hands into bags of organs.

    Submitted by Maggie Colton, Facebook.

    25. We were taken to a rock quarry. They literally sent out three classrooms of 11-year-olds with little pick axes and just let us wander around and gather rocks. We got to keep whatever we found.

    Submitted by Ashley Honeycutt, Facebook.

    26. We took a 45 minute bus ride to a bridge. A freaking bridge. We split up into two groups. One stood on top while the other group stood underneath. Then we switched and went back to school.

    Submitted by Sarah Allen, Facebook