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    26 Things You’ll Find In Every Shitty Hotel Room

    There's always that one mystery light switch that doesn't do anything.

    1. A light switch like this that doesn’t do anything.

    2. These specific net curtains.

    3. An outstanding view.

    4. A huge TV from the '90s.

    5. Or in a slightly classier establishment, a tiny wall-mounted TV that does not fit the room size.

    You may as well mount an iPad on the wall.

    6. Ugly yet bland wall art that no person would ever hang in their house.

    7. This specific arrangement.

    8. Or really tiny teacups that aren't big enough for your fingers.

    9. An inconvenient furniture arrangement.

    10. A bed cover made of that sort of fake satin that looks like it hasn't ever been cleaned.

    11. These specific prison-style blankets on a shelf in the top of the wardrobe.

    12. Mysterious stains.

    13. These shitty wire coat hangers in the wardrobe (or on a sad rail, if you're not lucky enough to get a wardrobe).

    14. These bathroom light fittings.

    15. This type of bathroom bin.

    16. An inconveniently located toilet roll holder.

    17. A shower with no water pressure that forces you to stand in a really awkward position to wash you hair.

    18. An antiquarian hairdryer on a short cord that is in no way equipped to dry your hair.

    19. A poorly designed bathroom sink that is way too large, so the toothpaste spit doesn't drain out of it properly.

    20. A really dirty remote.

    21. A large cord phone that probably used to be white.

    22. One of these brown Gideon bibles.

    23. A passive-aggressive sign.

    24. A bedside lamp that doesn’t provide the right amount of light for anything.

    25. One of these fittings without a lightbulb in it.

    26. Friendly pets.