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26 Things You’ll Find In Every Shitty Hotel Room

There's always that one mystery light switch that doesn't do anything.

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5. Or in a slightly classier establishment, a tiny wall-mounted TV that does not fit the room size.

You may as well mount an iPad on the wall.

13. These shitty wire coat hangers in the wardrobe (or on a sad rail, if you're not lucky enough to get a wardrobe).

Wim V/Tripadvisor / Via

There will usually be one on the back of the door, for no discernable reason.

17. A shower with no water pressure that forces you to stand in a really awkward position to wash you hair.

joe_mac001/Tripadvisor / Via

The shower will either shoot straight at the wall or be mounted 4 feet up the wall.

18. An antiquarian hairdryer on a short cord that is in no way equipped to dry your hair.

JupiterGate/Tripadvisor / Via

Honestly you may as well get a baby to breathe on your head, it's just as effective.

19. A poorly designed bathroom sink that is way too large, so the toothpaste spit doesn't drain out of it properly.

22. One of these brown Gideon bibles.

@thezestyunicorn / Via Twitter: @thezestyunicorn

So you can find solace in Jesus and distract yourself from the fact that you should have sprung for the slightly nicer hotel down the road (which still would have had one of these anyway.)

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