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    25 Things That Happened On Every DofE Expedition

    Trangias become the bane of your life.

    1. Having a tense pre-walk argument with the group over who has to carry the tent.

    2. Trying to pick up your backpack and almost falling over.

    3. Realising you’ve forgotten a crucial item, five minutes into the walk.

    4. Discovering none of your group are actually that good at map reading.

    5. Which inevitably leads to an absolute screaming match in the middle of a forest.

    6. And inevitably getting totally lost because you turned the wrong way.

    7. Feeling really hardcore when you see walkers with daypacks.

    8. Not being able to enjoy the nice views because of the constant physical pain.

    9. Getting into some sort of altercation with a farm animal.

    10. Injuring yourself in a variety of exotic ways.

    11. But nothing was worse than the backpack bruises.

    LOOK AT THE BRUISE ON MY SHOULDER FROM MY DOFE BAG omg okay I agree with Miss Lambert my bag was a little too heavy

    You'd wake up with bruises on places you didn't even know could bruise, namely your hips and shoulders, which will become a patchwork of black and blue.

    12. It would inevitably rain.

    13. And you could never be sure if your waterproofs were leaking or if you were just sweating that much.

    14. And it would turn out that your walking boots definitely weren’t waterproof.

    15. Arriving at your campsite really late because you got lost and walked four miles in the wrong direction.

    16. Having to cook on one of these bastards.

    17. Getting a bit of meths in your dinner.

    18. Then spending the rest of the evening comparing blisters.

    19. Being so tired you actually managed to sleep on your incredibly hard roll mat.

    20. Consuming your own body weight in Snickers bars over the course of the weekend.

    Just had my first snickers since dofe. Feel like I should go walk up a hill or something.

    You're definitely burning it off carrying that huge backpack don't worry.

    21. Or ruining a cereal bar for life.

    22. Genuinely feeling like you couldn't walk one more step.

    23. And wondering why on earth you paid to do this.

    It's not even compulsory.

    24. But feeling amazing when you arrived at that final checkpoint.

    25. And forming a bond with your group that will probably last for the rest of your life.