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    24 Things That Happen At Every University Graduation Ceremony

    Try not to trip over.

    1. You feel VERY cool when you get to collect your cap and gown.

    2. And you'll definitely pretend you’re in Harry Potter.

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    Pretty much the closest you'll get to being a wizard.

    3. But you will never be quite sure if you're wearing your mortarboard properly.

    4. You will not recognise a large number of the other students who are graduating.

    5. And few of your good friends will actually be there.

    6. A member of the uni faculty who you've never seen will give a speech.

    Wellesley Public Media / Via

    Likely talking about "how far you've come" and making bad jokes which you'll politely laugh at.

    7. And a guest speaker might be invited along.

    Harvard Law School / Via

    If you're lucky it will be someone funny, if you're unlucky it will be a really boring poet.

    8. Someone's name will be badly mispronounced.

    9. You will be unbelievably hot.

    10. You will get wrist ache from clapping too much.

    11. A lot of the ceremony will be taken up with bizarre rituals.

    University of Manchester / Via


    12. And it will mostly be very confusing.

    13. People will be there collecting PhDs with silly sounding titles.

    14. You will spend a lot of time worrying that you’re going to do the handshake wrong.

    15. Or trip over.

    16. Because someone will actually trip when they go to collect their certificate.


    And it will be hugely embarrassing for them but hilarious for everyone else.

    17. At least one of your parents/relatives will cry.

    Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions / Via

    It's a really big day for them. They probably weren't quite sure what you were up to the whole time – graduation is proof that you didn't spend every day watching Netflix.

    18. You will try to throw your mortarboard in the air.

    19. You will seek out the most attractive places on campus for your photos.

    20. And you will discover that official graduation photos are A LIE.

    21. After the ceremony there will be some sort of terribly awkward drinks reception.


    Where you will end up introducing people you've drunkenly shagged to your parents.

    22. You and your friends might go for celebratory drinks in one of your old haunts.

    23. You might feel a bit sad that it's all over.

    ABC / Via


    24. But mostly you'll be glad that bloody dissertation is behind you.

    Type A Films / Via

    Unless you're doing a masters...

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