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    22 Things You'll Find In Every Hipster Pub

    An overwhelming number of hilarious chalkboard signs.

    1. A zany chalk sign outside.

    Something hilarious about why beer cures all your problems.

    2. A building that used to be some vital public service.

    Nothing symbolises the #gentrification of #Deptford than turning a dilapidated job centre into a "trendy" pub

    See also: public toilets, and fire stations.

    3. Weird decor that looks like your grandma's house.

    4. An actual neon sign.

    5. Bookshelves covered in random paperbacks that nobody reads.

    6. Church pew seats.

    7. One enormous squishy sofa which forces you to attempt to drink your pint almost lying down.

    8. Exceptionally grim toilets.

    9. An overwhelming number of beers on tap.

    10. Beers with silly names.

    11. Beer served in ridiculous glasses.

    12. And a really elaborate cocktail menu.

    13. Fancy and expensive versions of picnic food you could buy in Tesco for £1.

    £6.49 for a scotch egg!

    14. Posh crisps.

    15. A menu that is full of twists on normal pub food.

    16. Food served on wooden boards

    17. A pub dog.

    Pub dog frank enjoy belly rub this Sunday morning 🐶 #thegoodlife #Frank

    Our lovely canine friends, ready to awkwardly shove their noses in our laps while we're trying to flirt.

    18. Screaming children.

    19. Spoken word nights held in the middle of the pub.

    20. Novelty versions of pub quizzes.

    21. A basement that does house nights.

    22. And of course, board games.