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22 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In British Suburbia Will Understand

"Doing lifts back from town this Saturday".

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1. Most of your friends' houses looked like one of these.

Your fanciest friend lived in a mock Tudor house.


4. You've spent half your life saying you live “just outside [insert cooler sounding town name that people have heard of]”.

Google Maps / Via!4m2!3m1!1s0x47d8a00ba11ae26f:0x2ff173e384b8e98b

Just outside that red line :(

7. But unlike your friends who grew up in cities you probably had a garden.

And a climbing frame or a trampoline if you were fancy.


8. Your school had some lame rivalry with the nearest school.

Florian Ramel / Via Flickr: florianramel

If you saw them in the highstreet in their uniforms you would give them dirty looks. Of course you never *actually* had any fights though.

9. You were always slightly behind city kids when it came to cool new trends.

But not as far behind as countryside people, obviously.

12. Your parents had to pick you up from all parties.

Mum won't pick me up from a party tomorrow night. I have no way of getting home


Ask mum to pick me up from this shitty party and she decides to bring the whole family along. Mum, dad and dog waiting in the car for me

Lol imagine trying to get a bus home after 9pm.

13. But you still did your fair share of walking home after sunrise.

17. “Doing lifts” on weekends was a very common way to make money.

Doing lifts for all you drunken messes tonight! Message me🚗

Made £150 from doing lifts last night 💸💸💸 #sasscars

"Doing lifts in town this Saturday, £5" – literally all of your Facebook. People who grew up in cities will never understand this.

18. Because the last train home was probably at about 11.30pm.

And getting a taxi home would be a ridiculous amount of money.

21. So most of your illict underage drinking was done in your friend's lounge when their parents were out.

Channel 4 / Via

Probably with something ridiculous you stole from their drinks cabinet, like Cinzano or Advocat.