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    21 Things All Girls Who Don’t Wear Makeup Will Understand

    Look at all the money you're saving.

    1. It takes you hardly any time to get ready in the morning.

    Jenna Marbles / Via

    More time for important breakfast.

    2. You never get panda eyes when you get out of the shower.


    3. All your towels actually stay white.

    Gym towel. Plus mascara, blush, foundation & other misc products.

    No gross foundation stains.

    4. This never happens to you.

    5. And your pillows look totally fine.

    remember when I slept with makeup on last night yeah it got all over my pillow frick

    Totally fine. This grossness never happens.

    6. You have so much more space on your dresser than most of your friends.

    7. You never have to worry about carrying round a massive makeup bag.

    8. And you're saving tons of money because you’re not spending it on expensive foundation.

    E! / Via


    9. You’re reallyyyy quick at getting ready to go out.

    10. But that means you spend half your life waiting for your friends to get ready.

    EdwardinAlaska / Via

    So. Much. Waiting.

    11. And you get pretty bored of makeup chat.

    FOX / Via

    So dull.

    12. You never need to worry about waking up with your fake eyelashes in bizarre places.

    I woke up this morning and my sisters fake eyelashes were stuck to my elbow

    Fake eyelashes + drinking = waking up with them stuck to your chin/another person/in your hair.

    13. And it's way easier to hide a sly one night stand when you don’t wear makeup.

    14. You can cry at sad movies and not have mascara streaming down your face.


    Watch The Notebook any time you want.

    15. And jump into a pool whenever you want. / Via

    And not have worry about your face looking like you just had a fight in a crayon factory.

    16. You never have to worry about getting the perfect eyeliner flick.

    17. Or getting your eyebrows on point.

    18. You're never cursed with this awful tragedy.

    19. And this is a problem that you literally never face.

    20. Very occasionally you’re FORCED to wear makeup for a wedding.


    And it's awful and feels SO WEIRD.

    21. But you're totally comfortable with not wearing makeup.

    4GIFS / Via

    Because you're already fabulous enough already anyway.

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