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    21 Things All Former Brownie Guides Will Remember

    A Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut. What.

    1. Your initiation ceremony was kind of cultish.

    Martin Thomas / Via Flickr: martin_thomas

    It quite likely involved dancing round a toadstool and a stuffed owl.

    2. And getting your promise badge was a huge deal.

    eBay/lismonkey / Via

    3. These were your bibles.

    And you read them cover to cover to work out how many badges you could get with the minimum amount of effort.

    4. And it was incredibly exciting when you got your first badge.

    eBay/uk_winsl / Via

    5. You probably got a hostess badge for making your mum a cup of tea and doing the washing up.

    eBay/alpal39 / Via

    If only cooking were that easy in real life.

    6. But there was always that one girl who had like 100 badges on her sash.

    7. Getting put in a different Six to your best friend was slightly traumatic.

    8. You’ve never felt more powerful than when you were made a Sixer or a Second.

    And you never questioned what happened to all the numbers in between.

    9. You learned a bunch of songs that made absolutely no sense, like this classic.

    My Virtual Songbook / Via

    *does hand gestures*

    10. There was nothing worse than forgetting a full-uniform week.

    eBay/teddydolly333 / Via

    You'd be shunned by your entire Six for losing them valuable points.

    11. And you were outraged when they replaced the culottes with a tracksuit.

    eBay/contactleft / Via

    Ban. This. Trash.

    12. You went on a Brownie camp and did loads of awesome things.

    woodleywonderworks / Via Flickr: wwworks

    Certainly involving some sort of high ropes course/campfires/sleeping in tents.

    13. You made some terrible crafts.

    14. There was probably a point when your whole pack was just people from your class at school.

    Harry Potts / Via Flickr: harrypotts

    15. So you felt an intense rivalry when you came across another pack in the wild.

    16. You kind of still wonder why your leaders were a group of women named after owls.

    http://eBay/susie.17 / Via

    17. But nothing was scarier than being told off by Brown Owl.

    18. You probably went to a big Brownie gathering.

    Howard Lake / Via Flickr: howardlake

    And sang all those songs together.

    19. Carrying the flag at Remembrance Day was a huge honour.

    Lewis Clarke / Via

    20. There was always a big emphasis on helping old ladies cross the road/carry their shopping.

    Bert Kaufmann/Buzzfeed / Via

    Because it's the law.

    21. And even though it was years ago, you'll probably remember your Brownie promise forever.

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