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21 Struggles Of Moving Back In With Your Parents After University

Congrats you’ve graduated! Welcome back to casa mum and dad.

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1. You can’t just leave the house without saying where you’re going.

Some girls are so desperate. Who calls 3 times, leaves a voicemail, & sends a text? Take the hint, mum #calledout #getthemessage #loveyoubut

And texting your mum several times to prove you haven’t died on the way to Asda.

2. Spending all day in bed in your pants watching Netflix no longer constitutes a valid use of time.

According to your parents. Apparently you're meant to "do things" with your day.

3. You can’t just eat biscuits for every meal.

Even though some biscuits contain fruit they are not actually a balanced diet. You're not a student any more.


6. And do the washing up.

You can’t just let it all pile up like a game of filthy Jenga.

8. So sending out CVs becomes your actual life.

Questions like “should I attach a covering letter or type it in the email” will begin to dominate your Google searches.


9. The fridge is filled with delicious food that you’re not allowed to eat.

Apparently your Mum bought that family sized quiche for dinner tonight and it wasn’t ok for you to scarf it down in one go at 11am because you were bored. Whatever.


14. Rather than house parties and day drinking you end up spending your weekends doing parenty activities.

Going to garden centres, gardening, DIY etc. become the most exciting parts of the week.

15. You’ll get horribly obsessed with playing all your old games again.

Your Sims family will be insanely high achievers even if you’re not.

16. At some point you'll bump into one of your childhood enemies.

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Remember those people who were dicks to you at school? Now you get to awkwardly avoid them in the high street all over again.


17. And end up going to the awful local pub you used to try and sneak into without ID.

But now you will feel old and weird and all the sixth formers around you will look like children. Also your dad will be there.

18. You’ll probably get obsessed with whatever TV shows your parents like.

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Your dad’s going to watch his war programmes whether you like it or not so you might as well educate yourself. And you'll probably get really far behind on Game of Thrones because you’ve been spending the evenings watching Grand Designs with your mum.

19. If you do get a job it’s likely to involve a horrifying commute.

Welcome to getting up at 6am and paying £250 a month for your train ticket. Still substantially cheaper than renting a shitflat though.

20. Your parents house is way nicer than anything you'll ever be able to afford to live in.

Living with your parents spoils you for life.