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    21 Reasons London Just Needs To Stop

    Just STOP.

    1. Because you can buy Pimm's from a teapot.

    2. Because of this coffee menu.

    Rob Hyde

    "Chav coffee" "Fat wife". It just can't fuck off enough.

    3. And the loyalty cards for south London coffee shop "Fuckoffee".

    Sophie Gadd

    Fuck off.

    4. Because people will not stop opening novelty pop-ups.

    Dalstonist / Via

    Taking gentrification to new levels.

    5. And seem to think this is a good idea.

    Evening Standard / Via

    Eww eww eww.

    6. Because this isn't even a joke.

    Independent / Via


    7. Because fancy eggs are coming.

    Evening Standard / Via

    8. Even though they're already expensive enough.

    Only in London could eggs be so overpriced..

    9. Because an entrepreneur is crowdfunding Brew, a pub that serves only tea.


    They have raised £145,700 so far.

    10. Because people keep converting toilets into cocktail bars.

    11. And car parks.

    12. Because you thought this place couldn't get any worse.

    London24 / Via

    And then it got much worse.

    13. Because this parking space in Kensington costs more than a house in most of the country.


    14. And this is what counts as "studio flat".


    At least you don't have to get out of bed to make a cup of tea.

    15. Because the mayor is literally a parody.

    Guardian / Via

    16. And the police officers look like this.

    "It's an obscure bylaw, you won't have heard of it" #hipstercop

    17. Because this isn't even that expensive for London.

    Quite expensive this #London village! A pint of Peroni as witnessed here......

    18. Because this is how much a cup of berries costs.

    Sophie Gadd

    19. And this sausage, egg, and bacon sandwich costs £8.

    Sophie Gadd

    20. Because these old jam jars of flowers cost £25.

    Sophie Gadd

    21. And because this graffiti is just too accurate for words.

    Sophie Gadd

    "How much for that grape?"


    "So cheap!"

    "I'm posh"

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