19 Things Only Women Who Lift Weights Will Understand

    No you won't get "bulky".

    1. When you first started lifting weights it was so HARD.

    2. But you know everyone was a beginner once.

    3. And the pain is absolutely worth it for those gains.

    4. Gym bros love trying to give you unsolicited advice.

    5. And you get stared at A LOT in the gym.

    6. But you don’t care, because you’re strong and powerful.

    7. And it feels AWESOME when you can lift more than a guy.

    8. People think you'll end up looking like this.

    9. But you're actually more like this.

    10. Your metabolism is basically lightning fast.

    11. You can't resist a press-up contest.

    12. And sometimes you challenge people to arm wrestles when you’re drunk.

    13. You're excellent at carrying groceries/suitcases and moving furniture.



    14. Finding shirts that fit over your arms is an actual struggle.

    15. But you sort of love showing off on the monkey bars whenever you pass a playground.

    16. You don't really mind that your hands look like this.

    17. And that your hair always looks sweaty AF.

    18. Or that sometimes you feel like this after a workout.

    19. Because you feel like an absolute boss when you get a new PB.