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    19 Things Every Outdoorsy Couple Will Understand

    Matching fleeces for life.

    1. Your dream dates always involve being outdoors.

    2. And you're always looking for exciting new outdoorsy activities to try together.

    3. You both hate staying inside on the weekends.

    4. Unless you're in some sort of woodland cabin, at the end of a long day walking.

    5. You're always spending your evenings planning your next adventure together.

    6. So your hallway often looks like this.

    7. You actually enjoy going camping together.

    8. And you have perfected the art of tent sex.

    9. You're pretty good at cooking romantic meals for two on a camping stove.

    10. You’d both rather spend your money on travel than anything else.

    11. But you have probably still spent your fair share of time and money together browsing outdoor stores.

    12. Because Valentine's Day is an excuse for exciting outdoorsy kit.

    13. You probably own matching coats.

    14. You’re not 100% repulsed by the concept of trousers that zip off into shorts.

    So practical. DAMN.

    15. And neither of you are afraid of fleece.

    16. You've probably argued over things most other couples don't argue over.

    17. But you know there's no worse place to have a fight than in a two-person kayak.

    18. And even though there's probably nowhere more romantic to you than the summit of a mountain.

    19. Your favourite way to spend time together is just going for a walk in the woods.