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18 Things You Find In Every Shit British Pub

It's not really a true British shitpub without a grim beer garden.

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7. An inexplicable jukebox.

@rarty69 / Via Twitter: @rarty69

Obviously nobody uses it because pubs are for chatting and shouting at sport, but occasionally youths of questionable drinking age will come in and ironically put Ariana Grande on.

8. A condom machine with a really surprising variety of options.

@WillyWhitby / Via Twitter: @WillyWhitby

Who knows, maybe there are people who go down The Red Lion on a Thursday night and decide they need some of those rainbow condoms with cat faces on them.


16. A slightly mysterious, and mostly grim food menu.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

"Oven meat". Although at least the food is actually served on plates. Crap pubs don’t mess about with that chopping board bollocks.