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    18 People Who Probably Regret Becoming Stock Photo Models

    It's not worth it.

    1. People might think you drink your own piss.

    Daily Telegraph / Via

    2. The world might assume you have a small penis.

    3. Or a REALLY small one.

    Huffington Post / Via Twitter: @liammckinnon

    4. And you might appear to suffer from premature ejaculation.

    "Be a stock image model," they said "it'll be fun," they said.

    5. You might be used for white supremacist posters.

    6. Or a become the face of chill Brooklyn neo-Nazis.

    stlyelite / Via

    7. You might become the face of driving while masturbating.

    Audible / Via


    8. Or your friendly call centre photoshoot might take a dark turn.


    9. You might become the face of Crime Stoppers.


    10. Or a well-dressed local heroin-smuggling criminal.

    KMOV / Via

    11. Or worse.

    12. It might look like you married your cousin.


    13. You might look like the worst teacher in the world.

    RawStory / Via

    14. And your nice family might become the face of the campaign against equal marriage.

    Adam Hills / Via Twitter: @SeanMarum

    15. You might become the face of college dudes with bad opinions.

    Salon / Via Twitter: @sophie_gadd

    16. At best, you might be bad husband material.

    Answers Screen / Via Twitter: @jon_bois

    17. At the worst, you might become a high-fiving, hat-wearing legal rape supporter.

    DNAinfo / Via

    18. And of course, you might become the face of group sex with old, obese men.

    "Why not model for stock images?" they said. "What could possibly go wrong?" they said.

    Never be a stock image model.

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