18 Incredibly Real Camping Problems

    *hears sound at night* DEFINITELY A BEAR

    1. Getting to a campsite and realising you've forgotten a crucial piece of the tent.

    2. Or forgetting the ground sheet.

    3. Tripping over a guy-line.

    4. Discovering a leak in your brand new tent.

    5. Being last to arrive and having to pitch your tent on a slope.

    6. Or worse, having to pitch your tent on waterlogged ground.

    7. Getting put next to the group of banter lads.

    8. Or worse, that dude with a guitar.

    9. Getting to the shower block when all the hot water has run out.

    10. Having to get out of your tent at night to pee.

    11. Your toilet roll getting wet.

    12. Being subjected to to death by midges.

    13. And the absolute horror of realising you forgot to pack insect repellant.

    14. Cows and other rowdy farm animals invading the campsite.

    15. Being woken up by creepy noises in the night.

    16. Cooking on a Trangia and accidentally getting meths in your dinner.

    17. Lying down for the night and realising you forgot to move a big rock from under the groundsheet.

    18. And despite all this, still bloody doing it anyway.