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Women Tried On Underwear From The 1800s And It Was Uncomfortable AF

"My tits are not happy."

The folks over at Facts asked women to try on the underwear that women wore in the past and it was kinda like playing dress-up with the most restrictive clothes ever.

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We started off with the OG underwear of the 1500s.

In the 16th century, women wore stays (corsets) that pressed their fronts flat and were very restrictive of movement.

They also wore hoop skirts, which waxed and waned in size, structure, and popularity until the early 20th century.

This underwear was pretty restrictive. The women were like "eh no thx, tbh."

And thanks to weird horror movies everywhere, it almost seemed kinda **creepy.**

Next, we skipped up to the 1800s for some BUSTLE-ing discussion about butts.

Get it? BUSTLE-ing???

And another corset.

This was something the women could ~~get behind.~~ **

In the early 20th century, the first wave of the feminist movement and the loosening social strictures brought something that looked KIND of like modern underwear.

Look at these cute lil' bloomers!

LOL this is a first draft of a bra if I've ever seen one.

Not much support in there.

The women felt comfy and kinda cute in these.

And finally, the women tried on some more extreme underwear from this century.

Most women don't wear a corset on a day-to-day basis anymore.

And most women have definitely not worn this.

In fact, to some women, these felt like a step backwards.

That does NOT sound comfy.

In the end, it was pretty interesting and fun to take a little trip down underwear memory lane!