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    This Woman Just Turned 110 And She Doesn't Have Time For Your Shit

    Flossie Dickey, American hero.

    Good Day Spokane interviewed Flossie Dickey, a woman turning 110 years old today, and she was just freakin' done with this mess.

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    And like, could you blame her?

    Flossie was born in 1906, on Feb. 18. Isn't that enough for you??

    "Flossie has three children, 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and 15 great-great-grandchildren. You seem like a very busy lady, Flossie!"

    Secrets to living this long? Nah.

    Can Flossie live?? She's literally answered questions for 110 years.

    Flossie doesn't pretend to like parties anymore. She's over it.

    Flossie's friend, Chris, confirmed her status as a lady who doesn't give a crap about anything.

    Same, Flossie. Same.