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This Song About The Clitoris Is Explosively Trippy But Also Very Informative

Boppin' along, singin' bout the clitoris, wearing batshit costumes, NBD.

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Refinery29 created this amazing music video about the clitoris and the history of the clitoris in society... and it's mind-blowingly, toe-curlingly awesome.

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Just wait for the clitoris costume.

OK, I have no idea who thought of this, but I'm SO GLAD they did. We start with a plexiglass model of the clitoris -- the whole clitoris, including the parts that are hidden inside your body.

There's a lil Greco-Roman inspired scene, where the lead singer talks about the idolization of the male form throughout history.

Facebook: refinery29

Let's have some love for the vaginas, huh, Mediterranea?

Next, we move to a scene from the Middle Ages or maybe the Spanish Inquisition?? Unclear. What is clear is that this is a commentary on the way that various world religions have demonized female sexuality.

Now on to the 18th century, when dead bodies were bought and sold for medical use and doctors tried to understand the human anatomy.The clitoris was ignored during this time. :(

Then, we go to a weird alternate reality version of Freud's office. Freud famously had some weird theories about sex and desire, and this singer is NOT ABOUT IT.

Finally, she touches (hehe) on Masters and Johnson, the 20th century researchers who attempted to find the source of the female orgasm.

And then she just GOES OFF on the various gendered insults that women have dealt with throughout all that time.

Facebook: refinery29

A lot of is related to clitorises and/or female sexuality!

And boom! There it is, the glorious clitoris, in human-sized form.

Facebook: refinery29

Look at the lil wings!

Thank you, clitoris, for being such a friend to vagina-owners everywhere.

Facebook: refinery29

Bye Patriarchy.

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