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This Musician Singing Along With His Younger Self Is Freaking Adorable

I can't decide if I want to cuddle the baby version or go to a concert with the adult version.

Publio Delgado shared this video of himself as a kid singing some cute little nonsense in the bath... Then revealed he has been singing that melody for 30 years.

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It was just in that little noggin, waiting to be released and become beautiful music.

Publio wrote in the video caption, "For those who don’t know, this piece of music is called “Dou hua” and it’s one of my originals. I wrote it in 2012. Or that’s what I thought…"

"...Because that melody apparently first came out from my mouth in 1986."

Baby Publio has got some pipes, y'all.

"Anyway, we’re now in 2016, exactly 20 years later. This is me (1 year old) and me (31 years old) playing “Dou hua” together :)"

Look at that guitar-drumming combo!! So cool and so soothing sounding!

Freaking adorable. See more of Publio Delgado's work here and on his Patreon page.

BRB, searching through my childhood journals for the next War and Peace.