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This Toy Car Doesn't Have Any Business Being So Nice

There are now Teslas for kids and I'm still driving my mom's car.

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This commercial for the kids' version of a Tesla Model S is just like a real car commercial, except in a world where adults are actually children with expensive clothes.

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It's pretty much just a real car.

A normal car, with fancy paint and chrome rims, racing along the road. Wait, is that a giant sitting in the back of the car??

Nope, it's just a child in a velour bomber jacket who has two things I want desperately (a nice car and dimples).

This "toy car" has a lithium-ion battery, a personalized license plate, and working headlights -- everything you need to get the most out of playing. Or commuting to work.

Why is that little girl wearing a sweater set?? Why is the little boy honking and swerving??

You can connect this "toy car" to a music player to blast some tunes (or listen to podcasts) as you drive to the playground...

"Dad, did you hear the most recent This American Life? Such good social commentary this week."

...And when you get home, ask your dad to plug in the car to charge it up.

"Long day at kindergarten, Dad. Say, would you mind giving the carpets a vacuum, while you're at it?"

The car also has a "frunk."

A "frunk." A "FRUNK."

You can park your mini-Tesla next to your parents' big Tesla, so your cars look like a little car family going to sleep in the garage.

Are these car blankets a thing?? What are they??

BRB, crying because my car barely makes it down my driveway, let alone off-road.

This kid looks so happy. He's clearly never had to go get his smog filter checked.