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    This Dude Makes Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Sound Good In 20 Different Styles

    Just over here not able to hold a tune in one style, NBD.

    Anthony Vincent covered Justin Bieber's "Sorry" in 20 different styles.

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    He asked people to submit different styles and they tried to troll him by suggesting goofy artists — but he committed hard and pretty much killed it.

    He nails the OG teenyboppers, Hanson, and their upbeat vocals.

    There's some Ricky Martin hip action.

    Lo siento, indeed.

    He gets all dressed up for Kiss...

    ...and all prettied up to channel the style of '80s band Culture Club.

    And, of course, his rendition of Kanye's style gets interrupted by his version of the Village People. CLASSIC STYLE MASHUP.

    He's also covered Adele's "Hello" in a bunch of different styles, among other songs. Go Anthony!!