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Strangers Talked About What Having Sex With Each Other Would Be Like

"Oh, I KNEW the sex question was gonna come up."

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The Skin Deep made this video of strangers trying to guess what having sex with each other would be like, and it's just as awkward and funny as you would think.

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Two strangers on a blind date had to say five words they thought would describe sex with the other person, and some of them were not prepared.

The Skin Deep / Via

Some of them chose to be VERY TRUTHFUL.

The Skin Deep / Via


Others were a little more complimentary of their potential partners in the sack.

The Skin Deep / Via

And this dude just really went for it.

The Skin Deep / Via

Like, really.

The Skin Deep / Via

LOL, you tried it, dude.

But mostly, people were just excited about the idea of gettin' it on.

The Skin Deep / Via

Stay safe, kids.

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