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Here's Everything You Need To Know About This Year's Best Picture Nominees

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. **PSA this post contains spoilers.** Oh, did I mention spoilers?

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Digg #blessed us with this handy refresher course for all the Best Picture nominations so you can seem super knowledgable at the viewing party.

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There's Mad Max: Fury Road in all its dystopian glory: "They live in the future, which is a total shithole."

"They drive all the way out in the desert...and then all the way back again."

The Big Short is nominated, which TBH I still only know is about the financial crisis or something.

Don't forget about Spotlight, where Liev Schreiber revitalizes The Boston Globe and all of journalism.

And, of course, The Revenant, Leo's big hope for finally getting that shiny statuette.

Much scenery. Very revenge. So winter.

Though, if you prefer your serious movies with more emotional connection and fewer bears, you probably will support Room (sorry Leo).

I cried like five times during this movie. That kid is a rockstar.

There's Brooklyn, your mom's weepy romantic fave.

But really it's a beautiful movie and will almost make you forgive Saoirse Ronan for her character in Atonement.

Matt Damon's long-form vlog, The Martian, featuring lots of botany and Donald Glover's "plan" to get Matt home to Earth.

And finally, America's boyfriend, Tom Hanks, saves the country and a soldier or something by lawyering and negotiating in Bridge of Spies.

And that's all of them!! Now, on to fill out that Oscar betting pool...