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21 Reasons Why We LOVE Lianne

HAPPY 21ST LIANNE! We can't believe that you are finally of age - we have been waiting for this day for literally the longest time! BH you are finally as old as your daughter - probs for the best. We think the WORLD of you so we wanted to tell you some of the reasons why we adore you - with alcohol paired accordingly. Enjoy your first legal drink tonight - IT BETTER BE TEQUILA. Happy happy Lianne day! Love - Kait, Julu, and Soph

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8. You Invest So Much Time in the People Who We Hold Dearest

Whether it be befriending Kait's mom on Facebook, taking Sophie's brother in at Bamboo, or taking interest in each of Julu's suitors - you care so much about the people in our lives. It's one of the many things that make you the greatest friend.

12. Drunk Shenanigans With You are the Greatest

Remember that time you and Julu got papa johns pizza at 3 am because you were too wasted for your own good? Or the time you were drunk af at Tap House? Or when all of ELINO accompanied you in your bathroom last year? Or at Phi Roses sophomore year? (video evidence to be provided after) You are the goofiest person - esp when drunk.

15. You're an Incredible Hostess with the Mostest

From pregames, to home cooked dinners, to sleepovers in your apartment, to Jewish holidays, and more - you’re always the best and most gracious hostess. Next stop Canada?

17. You're Always The Life of the Party

Whether staying in or going out - you always know how to have the most fun. When you walk in a room - you own it and we love being at any party you're at!

21. You Are the Most Thoughtful Friend

You are always checking in and we love you for it. Happy happy birthday!!! WE LOVE YOU! And are always here for you no matter what (esp after your hangover tomorrow)

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