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Top 10 Of Most Instagram Worthy Foods

One pre-dinner ritual that most people these days seem to have is taking a photo of their food and sharing it on Instagram. It doesn't matter where you are, food porn is a global activity. But there's a reason for this current trend of food photography by amateurs and professionals alike. According to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, taking photos of your food before you eat it actually enhances your dining experience. Whether you're indulging in the most decadent of foods or the eating a healthy one, snapping a photo of your meal will ensure that it tastes even better.

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So, since Instagramming food has become the lifestyle of many, which foods do you think have been deemed the most worthy to be drooled over online? Bet you won’t be able to guess. It definitely isn’t rainbow bagels or freak shakes (though it should be). A recent study found that the most popular food on Instagram is (drum roll, please) pizza! Now, admittedly, there are definitely a lot of mouthwatering pizza out there. But we never thought it would beat out burgers 10 to 1. Apparently, the world is filled with pizza lovers.


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What rates 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th as the most popular foods on Instagram? Well, no. 2 is sushi. 13,481,221 posts have been made on raw fish wrapped in seaweed. Who knew that many people loved it? Or maybe it’s easy to believe because chefs do tend to plate them beautifully most of the time.


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Chicken ranks 3rd which isn’t really surprising since most of us have loved eating it since we were kids.


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Prepare to be surprised with what’s number 4 on this list… salads! Yes, healthy eating is apparently becoming more and more popular these days. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that salads aren’t solely made up of just greens anymore. The colors in a salad do make them snap-worthy at times.


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Pasta ranks 5th on the list with 7,134,387 posts about it. Maybe there’s something about Italian food that makes them so popular around the world?


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Number 6 on the menu is bacon which isn’t hard to believe since who doesn’t love bacon, right? Some people can even testify that it’s better than true love.


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Burgers finally make their appearance on the most Instagrammed foods in the world at number 7. I was very surprised I did not see BBQ fans putting up their grilled food up on Instagram.


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The food ranked 8th was a bit unexpected though it does answer the question of which came before – the chicken or the egg. Apparently, the chicken does. Back to the egg though. There are 5,251,346 posts about eggs. That number far exceeds how many ways you can cook and/or serve an egg. Or so we think.


...and it far outranks steak, which comes in at number 9 with 4,704136 posts, as Instagram-worthy. Now, here's a fun fact: there are twice as many hashtags of salads on Instagram as there are of steaks. There are more plant-based eaters nowadays than you would think! I'm surprised so few people take a chance to boast with their best valued grill machines.

Now, here’s a fun fact: there are twice as many hashtags of salads on Instagram as there are of steaks. There are more plant-based eaters nowadays than you would think!


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Last, but definitely not the least, salmon comes in at number 10. Tasty but is it really Instagram worthy? The public seems to think so.

Looking over this list, what do YOU think is the most Instagram-worthy food? Maybe you'll want to decide for yourself which ones deserve that snap from you.

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