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5 Weird Yoga Poses And Their Meaning

There’s no doubt about it, yoga is the bomb. And the many benefits yoga has (more flexibility, a toned body, a more peaceful state of mind) are nothing to shake a stick at. But, if we were to be honest, there are some poses that look... well... a little strange - especially from the outside looking in. Still, it’s all in good fun and it is in this spirit that we offer you our selection of the 5 weirdest yoga poses.

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1. Pungu Mayurasana AKA Wounded Peacock

The peacock symbolizes beauty, compassion, strength, and immunity to venom. And, the yogic story behind this pose says that every time a peacock kills a snake, it removes an earthly attachment from its path.

And, it's no wonder, this pose necessitates your full concentration and the ability to let go. In this variation of the Peacock Pose, your objective is to balance all your weight on one hand instead of two. The free hand is up in the air and reaching towards your back. This pose helps to strengthen the wrists, arms, and shoulders. It also relieves constipation.

2. Astavakrasana AKA Eight Angle Pose

While this is one of the best arm balances out there, it kind of looks like some sort of evil push up that an overzealous fitness instructor would come up with. But, once you get the hang of it, this pose actually isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

This pose is named after a sage who was born with a crippled body that was bent in eight places. Eight Angle Pose teaches us that there is a fine balance between the physical and spiritual word. And, if we are too concerned with the physical aspects, it’s easy to lose perspective.

3. Ananda Balasana AKA Happy Baby Pose

Supposedly, this pose was named for exactly what it looks like, a happy baby laying on his back and playing with his toes. And, although quite funny-looking, it’s a very effective grounding pose that helps to calm the nerves.

It gently stretches and opens the hips, back, and inner groin. It also lengthens the spine in a delightful way. This is one of the easier poses on this list so, don’t be afraid to try it out today.

4. Tarak Savasana AKA Handstand Scorpion

Unlike the traditionally Scorpion pose that’s done on your forearms, Tarak Savasana will have you on your hands. Once in the basic position, you can either straighten one leg or have both your legs resting on or near your head.

The story surrounding this pose says that it is a combination between Sva (internal power) and Taraka (a demon that was killed by the God of War). It helps to strengthen the back, abdominals, and shoulders, increases internal power and improves balance.

5. Yoga Nidrasana AKA Sleeping Yogi Pose

To put it simply, this pose makes it look like you've tied yourself into a knot. And, while this may look quite uncomfortable, it is great for those looking for deep relaxation.

Yoga Nidrasana helps you withdraw from your senses while still remaining connected to the universe. In layman's terms, this pose helps the practitioner find inner peace. In the physical sense, it increases spinal flexibility, stretches the ligaments and muscles in the neck, reduces anxiety, and improves the central nervous system.

Legends that surround this asana say that the ancient yogis used to fall asleep while in this pose. And, while this may have happened, it’s probably not wise for the average yoga practitioner to try out.

Important Considerations for the Adventurous

The thought of doing these poses can be inspiring and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take things to the next level. But, remember that before you attempt them, you must first get a handle on the basics. If you don’t, you may end up hurting yourself.

You should also consider investing in some high-quality yoga gear, like a good mat, or a great pair of leggings. These products will make it easier for you to attempt these poses and offer more protection as well.

Believe it or not, the main objective of yoga isn’t to transform yourself into a human pretzel. It is to become a more compassionate, clear, and connected human being. Still, although these poses look weird, they inspire us to elevate our practice levels. Good luck!

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