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10 Times When You Feel Like An Adult

Those little moments of victory where you feel like an official grown up human.

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1. When you pay a bill on time.


Ahh, financial responsibility, I hate the smell of it in the morning.

2. Booking a hotel by yourself.


Take that, mum, I don’t need your signature to do the things.

3. When you slip into an existential crisis at 8:30am on a Tuesday.


Nothing matters and everything is weird.

4. Buying spices at the supermarket.


I make actual food now, thanks Pinterest.

5. Owning a pair of sensible work shoes and/or something from Portmans.


Hello, yes, I have appropriate clothes for a business situation.

6. Changing your email from (nickname) to (fullname)


Much less embarrassing to read out loud.

7. When you know the difference between two wines.


You can practically smell my culture when I walk in the room.

8. Prioritising sleep over social things.


Sleep is so good. So so good.

9. Saying the phrase “We should do brunch”.


No, I can not afford this hobby, but I’m doing it anyway.

10. Realising none of your friends feel like grown ups either.


We’re all really tall children! The world is terrifying!

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