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10 Geeky Foods You Need In Your Life

For all the times you wanted to eat something and thought it could only exist on screen. (You were wrong, so deliciously wrong.)

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Ponyo Ramen Noodles!

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ochikeron / Via

Anime food always looks amazing, and this ramen from the movie Ponyo has ham, egg, scalions, and is just over all the perfect thing to eat on a day in watching anime.

Big Kahuna Burger

ShortList / Via

So there's that infamous scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules eats this guy's burger and then kills him- and just kills a lot of people. Is it wrong that not getting that burger was what bothered us most about that scene? Maybe.

"Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast." -Jules Winnfield

Pokeball Candy

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MyCupcakeAddiction / Via maybe you haven't always wanted to eat a Pokeball, but the point is now you can.

Olaf Themed Ice Cream Treats

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Rosanna Pansino / Via

Olaf from Frozen was so cute, we wanted to eat him up the entire movie. This tutorial shows you how to do just that- without having to be a Disney Villain.

Super Mario Fire Flower cookies

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iHasCupquake / Via


DIY Butterbeer Shake

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Bookables / Via

If you have the misfortune of being too far from Hogwarts, have some butterbeer from home. Y'know to help soften the blow of being a muggle in the middle of Jersey.

Fault In Our Stars Ice Cream Cake

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How To Cook That / Via

Want some?



Homer Simpson's Donuts

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Rosanna Pansino / Via

Mmmmmm... donuts

Super Smash Bros. Cupcakes

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Rosanna Pansino / Via

And in case you can't choose between which character to eat- ... eat them all.

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