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16 Foods I Really Missed When I Was Vegan

I didn't survive plant-based heaven very long.

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1. Sushi

Cucumber rolls really aren't sushi to me.

2. Mozzarella sticks

Eating these greasy snacks (well, maybe not snacks—they're like 700 calories) is, like, one of my hobbies.

3. Kraft mac and cheese

Sometimes I eat like a kid.

4. Baked mac and cheese

Sometimes I eat like an adult.

5. Yogurt

World's easiest breakfast pick-me-up.

6. Scrambled eggs

Simplest thing, ever!

7. Popcorn—WITH BUTTER

What? Popcorn is low-calorie. You know it's healthy.

8. Alfredo sauce

Tasty has a vegan alfredo recipe, but I'm too lazy. I'll stick to a single jar of creamy sauce instead.

9. Ravioli

So. Much. Cheese!

10. Ice cream

No words needed.

11. Cupcakes

I know vegan cupcakes are a thing. I'm not a bad person for putting a cage-free egg in my red velvet batter, though.

12. Brownies

Don't trust anyone who tries to tell you avocado brownies are good. Just don't!

13. Tacos

I mean, I'm still vegetarian (or pescetarian if you're must discriminate me for eating fish), so I don't eat carnitas, but I do love me some taco Tuesday.

14. Quesadillas

Two words: cheese pulls.

15. "Normal" pancakes

Vegan pancakes are good, but they really don't taste the same.

16. AND my best friend, Pizza

No matter what happens in life, you'll always be friends with 'za.

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