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    It's Right Under Our Noses: Kids Are Being Sold For Sex Every Day, Every Where

    You've heard of sex trafficking. It is nothing new in the United States or in the world. But do you know how may children in the world are being sold for sex every year? Try 2 MILLION.

    What is the difference between a child and any amount of any drug? A drug can only be used once, while one child can be used over and over again.

    This industry of $32 billion a year, is composed of the 4.5 million trafficked people that are sexually exploited, the 2 million children sold into prostitution and labor, and the 300,000 Americans that are pulled into trafficking. And since 2012, there have been over 21 million victims of trafficking all around the globe. Atlanta, Georgia's Urban Institute conducted a study in 2014 where they discovered that some child traffickers can earn an upwards of $32,000 every week.

    The typical age for a child to be trafficked is 12 years old, however, any child from 1 to 18 years old from anywhere can be targeted. There are push and pull factors that lead children into prostitution and trafficking. Some children are forced into prostitution and trafficking for multiple reasons, and some of them being poverty and a need for money. When some families are deep in the poverty-stricken world, they feel like selling their children is the only way they can earn money.

    However, some children who have been introduced into this godforsaken life, have already been exposed to sexual abuse, which causes them to leave the house and enter into this way of life because of a need for money. And there are many people are dedicating their lives to saving innocent children and making sure that the life they are living does not need to be lived anymore.

    Organizations like Operation Underground Railroad is working hard to save children that have ended up in this situation, no matter how they got there. Since 2014, OUR has rescued over 1,500 children and arrested over 800 traffickers around the world. They are giving their lives to make sure that innocent children, no longer have to suffer and the ruthless pedophiles are put away and arrested forever.


    By donating to OUR and its fantastic cause, you can help get children out of their binding situations, and with the OUR Aftercare System, they help the victim get back on their feet.

    All Donations Are Appreciated

    You can donate to the cause through one, or many running campaigns. Below, there is a link to an active campaign to raise money for OUR to help raise awareness to teens of what is going on in the world, right underneath their noses.

    With the help of people around the country and over the world, we can put an end to children being sold for sex.


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