13 Things You Should Know Before Going To College

You may think college is all about book smarts, but here are some street smarts to help you get through that first semester. And the smartest decision you could make is to start your school year with a new Sony Vaio.

1. Naps will become your no. 1 favorite activity.

2. There’s no one else to clean your bathroom anymore. So buy a pair of flip-flops.

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3. Always label your food… or at least make sure anyone who takes it will learn a lesson.

Josh Fjelstad

4. You will be broke, so be resourceful.

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5. Socks aren’t just for your feet anymore ;)

Josh Fjelstad

6. Learn to like ramen (it’s not very hard), because it’s basically all you’re going to eat.

7. On that note: whenever your parents offer to take you out to eat, say yes. Always.

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8. R.I.P. your privacy, unless you’re willing to sacrifice your dignity.

9. Make friends with your RA.

(They might give you a break once in a while.)

Nelson Pavlosky / Via Flickr: 41894169422@N01

10. Wash dishes as soon as you dirty them.

Ryan McFarland / Via Flickr: zieak

Also, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?

11. Once finals come around, you’ll truly understand the concept of a “Fourth Meal.”

rhwalley / Via instagram.com

12. Humans are great and all, but these will really be your best friends.

hahaduy / Via instagram.com

13. What happens in the library, stays in the library.

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Another thing you should know about college is the right kind of laptop to get—like the Vaio ultrabook.

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