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15 Things You'll Definitely Relate To If You're 110% Obsessed With Your Partner

I swear, honey, this post is not about you.

If we're all being honest, there are times when we become a tad involved in our relationships.

1. Like when your friends pull this face when you start talking about your partner AGAIN.

2. And you can't stop yourself from being overly affectionate in public places.

3. Your favourite thing to do in the world is annoy them, especially when you get this face in response.

4. You think that everything they do is pure gold.

5. So you end up spending time on activities that you literally hate.

6. You want them with you, even when you're doing absolutely nothing.

7. You randomly catch yourself planning your wedding.

8. Or you just like to imagine your life together.

9. You both casually discuss what your future kids will be like.

10. And you fight over what you're going to call them.

11. You want all the attention as soon as they wake up in the morning.

12. Even if they've been hogging the covers all night.

13. You get jealous when they mention how hot a random celebrity is.

14. You're constantly excited to hang out with them.

15. Simply put: You're each other's best friends.

And there's not a single thing about your life together that you would change.

In case you need a new song to put your feelings into words, check out this one by Conrad Sewell. It'll extend your honeymoon period indefinitely.

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