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10 Magnificent Mash-Ups That Are Pure Artistry

If you're into music, you're into mash-ups. Here are just a few of the beats we can't stop jamming to, and join SONY in celebrating all the ways that life is music to our ears.

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1. If your way of coping with your lackluster love life is to dance by yourself, you might enjoy...

..."Dancing in Houston" featuring Robyn and Whitney Houston.

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MadfruitCoUk / Via

Believe us, these two can relate.

2. If you're tired of being a goody two-shoes and want to embrace a darker persona...'s time you made "Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Army" featuring The Eurythmics and The White Stripes your new anthem!

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psavdonim1 / Via

There's no denying that combining The Eurythmics and The White Stripes was a brilliant move. One listen to the above track is all it takes to find out what a real "sweet dream" is made of.

3. If you've just been through a breakup, but you don't have time to have a complete breakdown...

Lynch/Frost Productions / Via

...then check out "Little Wrecking Ball" featuring Miley Cyrus and Mumford & Sons.

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Isosine / Via

You'll be over that jerk in no time.

4. If you've just uprooted your entire life and are driving across the country to begin anew with your one true love, then you should definitely blast...

..."Titanium 500" featuring The Proclaimers, David Guetta, and Midnight Oil.

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djschmolli / Via

Adding David Guetta and Midnight Oil to The Proclaimers yields a new jam that makes traveling long distances for love sound less like a hassle and more like a fun club experience worth fist pumping about.

5. If you spend all day thinking about the next time you're going to "get jiggy with it," then your theme song is...

..."Get Lucky Wit It" featuring Daft Punk and Will Smith.

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FilmHarvest / Via

After listening to this, you'll feel like you just got jiggy with God.

6. If you stayed out too late the night before and you need help getting up in the morning...

...listen to "Midnight Life" featuring Kanye West and M83 on your way to work!

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The White Panda / Via

You'll be at the office and totally miserable before you know it.

7. If everyone knows you to be the "sassy" one, then you'll love...

..."No Scrubs" featuring TLC and Macklemore.

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ChromemusicVibes / Via

You heard it here first: Both Macklemore and TLC hate scrubs. But luckily for us, their combined efforts yield a pretty damn good song about them.

8. If you've invented a new routine to do to "The Cup Song"...

...then you'll be obsessed with "Poetic" featuring Anna Kendrick, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Florence and the Machine.

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MrRevillz / Via

To the people who have listened to the "Cups" song on repeat, here's its soulful cousin. Don't worry: You'll miss this version when it's gone, too.

9. If you're the chill one, and everyone relies on you to give them advice about their life...

...then the only thing that should be blasting through your speakers is "The Veldt" featuring deadmau5, Eric Prydz, and Bastille.

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The White Panda / Via

This hybrid of electric sounds from deadmau5, Eric Prydz, and Bastille sounds surprisingly earnest. It might just take your breath away.

10. If you're the best twerker you know...

...we gift you with "We Can't Runaway" featuring Kanye West and, of course, Miley Cyrus.

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BrunoAN Mashups / Via

Can't get enough Miley? Yeah, we had a feeling.

Inspired by SONY, because when passions collide, they make a splash.

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