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CNCO Just Dropped A New Music Video With Sony's 360 Reality Audio, And It's A Total Eargasm

CNCO + 360 Reality Audio = OMG YEEESSSSSSS

You're gonna want to put on some headphones for this: CNCO just released a new music video using Sony's 360 Reality Audio, and it absolutely ROCKS. Check it out:

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The song is called "Beso", and it is a straight-up BOP.

But first, take Richard's advice and put on your headphones, because the effect created by Sony's 360 Reality Audio integration is truly mind-blowing.

360 Reality Audio uses Sony's object-based spatial audio technology to put you right in the middle of the music.

And this is a song you definitely want to be right in the middle of, because Richard, Zabdiel, Joel, Erick, and Christopher are better than you've ever heard them before.

The lyrics are dope, the music track is kickin', and CNCO is in top form.

And thanks to the immersive effect of Sony's 360 Reality Audio, it sounds like you're inside the song!

So check out CNCO's new music video, and let Sony's 360 Reality Audio introduce you to the future of music.

Images courtesy of Sony.

Learn more about this Sony Collaboration, and check out the music video for CNCO's new song "Beso" right now!

View this video on YouTube