A DIY Guide To Surviving A Weekend On The Couch

We live in fast-paced times and work fast-paced jobs, and sometimes we need an entire weekend on the couch to recharge. Here are 16 tips to help you become a master of extreme couching, brought to you by PlayStation Store from Sony Entertainment Network.

1. Select your couch wisely.

You don’t want to spend the weekend with a jerk of a couch.

2. An uncomfortable couch can ruin a weekend before it starts.

Plan ahead and find something that works for you.

3. Your couch needs to be there for you.

It’s going to be getting a lot of use.

4. Make sure you have a television that’s in excellent working order.

5. And keep a close eye on your remote.

Like a knight without a sword, a day of couching would be nothing if you lost sight of your trusty remote.

6. Next, take ownership of your favorite spot on the couch.

7. Because you might have to share the space with a friend.

8. Or a couple friends.

9. Also, make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

This is what sweats were made for.

10. If you don’t have access to plenty of movies, you’re going to get bored super fast.

What else are you supposed to do, read?

11. Next, you’ll need to load up on the best tasting snacks you can get your hands on.

You want to shoot for a diverse variety of garbage food: chips, soda, candy, and pizza.

12. Your couch weekend is not the time to be worrying about nutritional info.

Don’t even think about it.

13. This is important: If you run out of food, try and get some more without leaving the couch.

You could call for takeout, have a friend pick something up, or drive there on your couch.

14. If you aren’t lucky enough to own a drivable couch, you can have a friend give you a lift.

15. Or take a couch boat.

16. If you follow all this advice, when Sunday night rolls around, it’s going to be awfully hard to say goodbye.

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