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10 Perfect Movies For Oddly Specific Situations

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1. You're forced to share a hotel room with someone you can't stand.


Whether it's for family, school, or work, we all occasionally get stuck sharing a hotel room with someone we don't get along with very well. Watch Step Brothers and learn how to avoid conflict when stuck in confined spaces with difficult people.

2. You're getting, or renewing, your driver's license.

Watch Bad Boys to brush up on your defensive driving skills. Remember to always stay at least three car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you.

3. You're preparing for an athletic competition.


Learn the art of psyching out your opposition before an event by watching 21 Jump Street. The key is always extreme confidence.

4. You've been working on a huge project and you're only sleeping a few hours a night.


Watch Groundhog Day to see a stupid, filthy alarm clock get the treatment it deserves. It'll be cathartic.

5. You're being harassed by bullies in your neighborhood.


Watch The Karate Kid and learn defensive fighting techniques, or if you're lucky, find an old man who lives in a shed in your apartment complex who will personally teach you how to fight. Ask around.

6. You don't get the raise you asked for.


Learn how to creatively blow off steam in your office by watching Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

7. You were out all night partying and you have to be at work at 7:30 a.m.


Watch Bad Teacher as a cautionary tale. There are certain things you can do that will make people think you're hungover. Don't do those things.

8. You're broke, your car doesn't work, and you need to get across the country.


Watch Joe Dirt and learn how to get around with nothing more than the power of your own charisma.

9. Zombies are feasting on your face.


If this is already happening, it's probably too late, but if you still have some time, learn simple and effective zombie fighting techniques in Zombieland.

10. And if everything is going poorly with your life, blow it all up and start from scratch.


Learn to walk off like a badass by watching Desperado.

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