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13 Things You Can Do With Your Extra Hour Of Sunshine

On March 13, we gain an extra hour of sunlight. Goodbye, short winter evenings — hello, long spring nights!

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1. Some of those sports things.

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You know, the ones with the ball and the getting sweaty and the kicking, like this league.

2. Or go see some people play the sports.

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Nights are longer, evenings are warmer, and there is a plethora of live sports to see.

3. Go for an early-evening run.

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Now you can finally get to that resolution you made two months ago.

4. Meet friends for happy hour.

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Make sure it's a place where you can sit outside and enjoy the extra bit of sunshine.

5. Enjoy a sunset drive.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a sunset drive with windows down, tunes up, and no worries in the world.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a sunset drive with windows down, tunes up, and no worries in the world.

6. Read a good book outside.

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An extra hour of sunlight means an extra hour to read outside. Find some suggetions here.

7. Get swept up by nature.

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Turn off your phone, turn off your mind, and feel the golden glow on your skin.

8. Plant some stuff.

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Plant some peppers. Plant some plants. Plant some perennials. Figure out what's in season this spring.

9. Go on a walk with a friend.

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Now that you've got more sunlight, get off your phone and walk and talk with your friend IRL.

10. Make something with your hands.

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That thing you've been wanting to do for a while? Well, now's your chance to do it! Go outside, get messy, and get creative. Find some inspiration here.

11. Take some time to meditate.

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Decompress after work or school. Go to the nearest park and meditate for a bit before going home. Here are some guided mediations you can try.

12. Get outdoors, sit down, and write.

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Go in your backyard, write a short story, write a poem, write a thank-you note... Just write! Here are some good writing prompts.

13. Play freeze tag in the park with your friends.


Remember how you could be entertainted for hours playing freeze tag? Yeah, do that — it's still just as awesome.

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