Can You Make It Through This Post Without Your Mouth Watering?

We bet you can’t. Oh, and you might want to throw on a bib and look up where the nearest SONIC® is before you start.

1. Maybe you spend your summers trying to beat the heat at the beach.

2. Or maybe you’re in the city, with the sun beating down on the scorching pavement.

3. You have your A/C turned on all the way…

4. But nothing seems to help.

5. You need something cool and refreshing.

CHOW / Via

6. A thirst quenching treat that takes all the deliciousness from your summer favorites.

7. The creaminess of ice cream…

CHOW / Via

8. The tartness of fresh fruit…

Sonicdrivein / Via

9. And the sweetness of chocolate…

CHOW / Via

10. All in one refreshing sip!

Ben Queenborough (#166229327) / Getty Images

11. What’s your favorite summer treat?

12. Ice cream sandwich?

Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images

13. Throw it in a blender!

tastemade / Via

15. Throw it in a blender!

chocoelle / Via / Via http://Phantomtheking

18. Think of all the options!

19. Thin Mint milkshakes!

Getty/ Marta Greber- (146636271) / Via Flickr: rakka

20. Spiced Pear!

Getty / Jodi Pudge / Via Flickr: cuttingboard

21. Seasonal Pumpkin Spice!

John E. Kelly / Getty Images

22. Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake!

Emily Carlin / Via Flickr: cuttingboard

23. Kiwi!

uccia_photography / Getty Images

24. Strawberry Shortcake!

= blue spoon = / Getty Images

25. All you need is an imagination, a blender, and some

26. Blend. Pour. Enjoy!

tastemade / Via

27. (Don’t forget the whipped cream and cherry on top!)

tastemade / Via

28. Happy Sonic Summer of Shakes!

Sonic Summer of Shakes is starting the Summer off right by introducing 25 delicious flavors of milkshakes! Try the Banana Cream Pie! Or the PB&J! Or Both! Remember, shakes are 1/2 price after 8PM!

Disclaimer: Sonic does not sell all of the shakes featured in this post.

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