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14 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate The Arrival Of Summer

Summer time is fun time. You’ve been cooped up inside for far too long, so go out and enjoy the sun. Don’t forget to celebrate the beginning of summer with half priced shakes at SONIC® on 6/20 and half priced shakes after 8PM everyday!

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Has life just been kinda blah lately?

Like there's just nothing to do?

Fret not, because summer's finally here!

1. That means it's time to make a splash in your life.

2. It's your moment to shine.

3. So don't be afraid to take some chances.

4. Take a dive and try something new.

5. Like that new yoga routine you heard about.

6. Or finally achieving your life long dream of doing a push-up.

7. Live like there's no tomorrow.

8. Roll out.

9. Hang out with some friends.

10. And show them who's boss.

11. Spend some time with that special someone.

12. Catch some air.

13. No, not that kind of air, this kind.

14. Or a wave if that's your thing.

Don't forget to celebrate the Summer Solstice with half priced shakes at Sonic on 6/20!

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