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    Zaheer Khan Got Engaged To Preeti Sabharwal Of "Chak De" And Everyone Is Making The Same Joke

    It was meant to be.

    ICYMI, early '00s heartthrob and my dream husband got engaged to his girlfriend, actress Sagarika Ghatge.

    Twitter: @ImZaheer

    Zak and Ghatge have been dating since last year.

    The two, who called each other #PartnersForLife on each other's social media, have been making everyone ridiculously happy.

    For those not in the know, Ghatge played the role of national hockey player Preeti Sabharwal in the 2007 hit Chak De! India. In the film, she was dating the vice captain of the Indian cricket team, Abhimanyu Singh.


    By the end of the movie, though, she dumps his sorry ass for being an absolute dick and non-supportive of her hockey career.

    Sooo, the irony of Ghatge eventually choosing to marry a cricketer was not lost on anyone.

    It really didn't stop.

    Cant believe Preeti Sabarwal actually left her cricketer boyfriend initially to end up marrying a cricketer in the end.

    I mean...

    Preeti Sabharwal rejected a cricketer in Chak De India and now she'll marry Zaheer Khan

    Either way, here's wishing the happy couple a great life ahead.


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