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17 Things You'll Relate To When You're Malayalee, But Kinda Not

Everything is sukham aano, till you ask me where I am from.

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1. It's always difficult explaining where you're really from.

"I'm from Kerala. But, I didn't grow up there. But, I'm still Malayalee."

2. You're afraid to speak Malayalam in front of other Malayalees because you know they will laugh at your accent.


3. You'll still come to the rescue of your North Indian friends to explain some basic things...

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4. ... Till you're stuck with words you just don't understand.

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5. Your standard response to someone speaking too much Malayalam is nod-and-smile with a "Sheri".

Aunty: *may have told me I have food stuck in my teeth*Me (smiling widely): "Sheri, aunty."
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Aunty: *may have told me I have food stuck in my teeth*

Me (smiling widely): "Sheri, aunty."

6. You get ridiculously defensive about the pronunciation of names of dishes you enjoy.

"Pazham. Zh. Roll your goddamn Rs properly."

7. Watching Malayalam movies is fun till you need to turn to the nearest of your kind for a quick translation.


8. You will never argue over which Malayalam movie is the best because you haven't watched enough.

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9. But you definitely know which one is better out of these two men.

10. And you DEFINITELY know where Bhool Bhulaiya and Chandramukhi could not match up, Manichitrathazhu always will.


11. In fact, you proudly insist on your pals watching the Malayalam originals to most Bollywood remakes.

12. If you're not tagged in a meme about your brethren, you feel bad about not being one of them.

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13. You're proud to be a Malayalee as soon as someone shares their wonderful experiences with Kerala.


14. But the second you hear of a cousin's child being named "Gifto", you curse the stars that aligned to make you who you are.


15. Nothing will ever match up to coming home to the welcoming scent of this meal.

16. It is a real relief to have someone who can relate to your strange roots.

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17. And even better when you're glad Kerala is one of many places you can call home.