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    This Instagrammer's GoPro Photos From Her India Trip Are A Great Reminder Of How Beautiful India Can Be

    Juust in case you forgot how pretty the country can be.

    This is 28-year-old American traveller, Alyssa Ramos.

    She has been travelling around the world for the past two years and she happened to pop by in India and left with some gorgeous pictures as a result.

    She went from Delhi to Agra to Mumbai after passing through Rajasthan and then Goa with only her GoPro as her companion.

    And the resulting pictures have been stunning.

    "Seeing all of the women wearing beautiful flowing sarees, and all of the mosques, palaces, and forts, was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and I had no problem at all capturing that beauty," Ramos told BuzzFeed.

    From old forts to big cities, she makes you remember how beautiful India is.

    "I loved the diversity of the country, which I experienced first hand from going from palaces in Rajasthan, to a taste of modern culture in Mumbai, and then beach vibes in Goa," she added.

    You can follow her travels on her blog and Instagram.

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