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A Whole Bunch Of People Tweeted #DemonetisationSuccess And It's Been SUPER Convincing

So, that's where my taxes go.

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In a move to tackle corruption and black money, PM Modi announced that ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes would not be considered legal currency from Nov. 9, 2016.

Prakash Singh / AFP / Getty Images

The move caused a lot of inconvenience for Indian citizens, with people having to stand in long queues and many even dying while waiting to get their notes exchanged.

Earlier this week, the RBI released the statistics on the move and the numbers didn't look too good for the Central government.

Diptendu Dutta / AFP / Getty Images

As it turns out, the black money that was recovered was only about 0.1% of the GDP of all of India. It also apparently brought the GDP growth rate down to 6.1%


Many Twitter users have noticed the weird trend, and some even called it out for being ridiculously shady.

#DeMonetisationSuccess -- Nobody is paying to make this trend. Nobody. 🙄

Who said Demonitisation was a disaster? Some brainless PR company got paid a LOT of taxpayer money to trend…

Entire Government machinery seems to be pushing #demonetisationSuccess! Corporates can learn from BJP on concerted…

#DemonetisationSuccess is like Sri Lanka Team claiming themselves as Successful after losing Test Series and 3 straight ODI.

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